Working with Windows 10

Working with Windows 10

Install VMware player

This section briefly describe how to use Windows 10 easily.

Setp 1: Install VMware payer to you computer

The following video shows how to install VMware player


How to install VMware player

Step 2: Install Windows 10 using VMware player

The following video shows how to install Windows 10 using VMware player


How to install Windows 10 using VMware player

Useful 50 task for windows [PDF File]

  1. Install windows 10 using Installer CD
  2. Update Existing windows system by using Windows installer
  3. Login to Windows using existing user account
  4. Logout working system
  5. Shutdown or restart windows
  6. Open an existing application by using start menu
  7. Open an existing application by using run tool
  8. Customize start (pin and unpin software items)
  9. Add software items into taskbar
  10. Switch to different applications
  11. Change system Date and Time
  12. Change background image
  13. Change Windows 10 Themes
  14. Change the Display settings
  15. Change keyboard settings
  16. Change mouse settings
  17. Change Sound Settings
  18. Change Windows Power options
  19. Install a new software
  20. Uninstall an existing software
  21. Change the default application type of the Windows system
  22. Create new Disk Drive (Format, change the partition on a disk)
  23. Windows Basic File Operations (Create folder, copy file(s), move files, rename file and delete file(s)
  24. Search files
  25. Backup files
  26. Check your disk drive to identify disk errors
  27. Defragmentation disk drive to improve disk performance
  28. Clear disk and get more disk space
  29. How to plug and unplug removable disk
  30. How to manage system hardware (Enable disable hardware devices)
  31. Install device drives for an existing hardware
  32. How to change windows update settings
  33. Create new user account
  34. Change user account settings
  35. Add password protection
  36. Change windows User profile settings
  37. How to work with windows defender/ Security essentials
  38. Connect to another PC through the network
  39. Connect to another PC through the remote desktop connection
  40. How to backup and restore windows system
  41. Change startup applications (Using Windows system configurations)
  42. Open task manage and remove some running task
  43. Connect to internet using Ethernet
  44. Connect to internet using Wi-Fi connection
  45. Install and Configure Sinhala Unicode
  46. Install Sinhala True type fonts
  47. Schedule a task to automate and user action
  48. Update Windows (Active Windows OS)
  49. Change visual effect to add performances
  50. Change virtual memory settings


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