MaSMT: A Multi-agent system development framework
MaSMT is MaSMT: AMulti-agent system development framewok that provides two types of agents, namely ordinary agents and manager agents. Amanager agent consists of number of ordinary agents within its control. Further, manager agents can directly communicate with other manager agents and each and every ordinary agent in the swarm is assigned to a particular manager agent. An ordinary agent in a swarm can directly communicate only with the agents in its own swarm and its manager agent. The framework primarily implements object-object communication, XMLbased data passing and MySQL database connectivity to use agents’ontology and message passing. Agent communication in the framework has been implemented to comply with FIFA-ACLs pecification. MaSMT framework is used to develop English to Sinhala machine translation system
Design of the Agent
  • AgriCom
  • Octopus


Example 1 (Simple agent)
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