Java Programming

  1. Introduction to java
    What is JAVA?, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Architecture, Characteristics, Requirements for Class name, Java Class names standard, ASCII art, Data types, Variables, input, Output Formatting, Methods, class, Loops, Switch, Selection, [pdf] [download pdf]
  2. Object Oriented Programming with Java
    What is OOP?, Advantages, Objects Classes, Data Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism [pdf] [Download pdf]
  3. Exception Handling
    What is Exception?, Syntax Errors Logical Errors, Runtime Errors, Ways to handle errors, Default exception handler, User define Exception [pdf] [download pdf]
  4. Threads
    Multitasking and Multithreading, JAVA Threads, Thread life-cycle, Starvation, Scheduling, Thread Priority, Critical Section, Synchronized[pdf] [download pdf]
  5. Files
    Data Hierarchy, What is a file?, Files & Streams, Sequential files, Random access files, Java File I/O, StringTokenizer, Binary File I/O,Working with Encoded Data [pdf] [download pdf]
  6. JAVA Native Interface
    what is JAVA Native Interface?, Why Native Interface? JNI Development Steps, Generate JNI Header, JNI Data Mapping, Create a DLL Useful Commands [pdf] [download pdf]
  7. JAVA Networking
    Network Basics, Transmission Control Protocol, User Datagram Protocol, Universal Resource Locator, Client-Server Computing, Socket Connection, UDP Sockets Programming, Sending a big file[pdf] [download pdf]
  8. Database Connection
    database to Java, Wamp Server for MySQL, Java Database Connectivity, samples[pdf] [download pdf]
  9. Java Applet
    What is an applet?, The Life-Cycle of Applet, Applet on NetBeans[pdf] [download pdf]
  10. JAVA GUI Programming
    What is GUI Programming?, Abstract Windowing Toolkit, JFC/Swing, Design Stages of the GUI, Events[pdf] [download pdf]
  11. Working with XML
    What is XML? What is XPath, XPath Terminology, Predicates, XML with Java[pdf] [download pdf]
  12. Java interfaces for SWI-PROLOG
    Introduction to PROLOG, JPI[pdf] [download pdf]

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