AI & Logic Programming

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 


  • What is Reasoning?
  • What are the Reasoning Techniques?
  • Download Resources

Logic Part 1

  • Introduction to Logic
  • History of Logic
  • Propositional logic
  • Conjunctive and Disjunctive Normal Form
  • Modus tollens
  • Method of contradiction
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Logic Part 2

  • Introduction to Predicate Logic
  • Quantifiers
  • Translate English sentence into Logic
  • Convert Predicate Logic into Conjunctive Normal Form
  • Method of contradiction
  • Download Resources

Introduction to Prolog

Build your Own Expert Systems

  • What is an Expert System?
  • What are the Expert system features?
  • Steps to Expert System development
  • Prolog Java Interface (JPL)
  • Download Resources

 Other Materials

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